About me & contact

I completed my Bachelor of Journalism at La Trobe University in 2017 in Melbourne, Victoria.

Before graduating I secured a role as a cadet in rural Victoria at the Gannawarra Times, which also produces the Loddon Times.

I completed my degree long-distance, thanks to some very understanding lecturers, and began my journey learning all about irrigation and agriculture in my rural role.

My journalistic interests lie along the lines of investigative journalism and community reporting/current affairs reporting. My longer term goals include moving into podcasting and documentary making, in similar genres.

I’m also an ex-Sea Shepherd crew member, which is where I first developed my appreciation of video-journalism. I took what opportunity I could to sit in and assist the film crews that accompanied us on voyages. I suppose yarns like these are the advantage of being a mature-age student.

I’m also planning on putting myself through coding school in the future to up skill my web skill set.

Feel free to have a browse and get an idea of my current experience, writing and broadcast skills, and areas of interest.

Photo of self

Stalk me: https://twitter.com/jessieanne08
Email me: jessiegartlan@gmail.com
LinkedIn: JessieAnne Gartlan



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