About me & contact

Hello there. My name, if you hadn’t worked it out yet, is JessieAnne. I’m completing a journalism degree at La Trobe University here in Melbourne, Victoria.

This blog is my portfolio, providing links to work done in multiple formats (except television – I can provide files for examples of productions completed through university upon request) during my degree, before, and on the side as a freelancer or volunteer journalist.

My current goal is to work somewhere rural as a reporter to get the proverbial foot in the door and really develop my skills. I’m keen to stay with one agency for a longer time and develop in that position.

I’m also considering putting myself through coding school in the future to up skill my web skill set.

My original areas of interest were international affairs. However, my time in community news rooms has helped foster a love of local news, grass roots journalism, and community affairs.

I would like a job someday (please?) so feel free to have a browse and get an idea of my current experience, writing and broadcast skills, and areas of interest.

Photo of self

Stalk me: https://twitter.com/jessieanne08
Email me: jessiegartlan@gmail.com
LinkedIn: JessieAnne Gartlan


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