For about 7 months of 2015, before I got too sick, I was pre-recording ten minute interviews for Melbourne’s 3CR Community Radio Station as a current affairs reporter, to be aired during breakfast radio.

The pre-record was, unfortunately, the only way I could participate as being on form at that time of day is out of the question for someone with this condition. However, I’ve included some samples here.

Interview regarding protests in Mexico triggered by Ayotzinapa’s missing 43 students:


This interview is with the director of OzAct, a Shakespearean theatre company with an environmental focus:


My first ever piece of radio, which means it’s a bit unpolished. I’m all sentimental about it though, and think it’s still an interesting piece.
It covers a study released in 2015 about middle aged women and alcoholism, with expert Georgia Foster in the studio to talk about it. This story was seen through from star to finish by myself (as with all radio pieces) which included research, liaison, and production.



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