A Response to Guy Mosel: Casual sexism is okay if you need to pay your bills

By JessieAnne Gartlan, 13th February 2013. Originally published online at digitalagejournalism.com, which has now been taken down. In case you somehow missed it, Esquire's Stephen Marche wrote a story on Megan Fox recently (read it here: http://www.esquire.com/women/megan-fox-photos-interview-0213?click=top). Its questionable writing style and oddly flowery sexism has attracted enormous amounts of criticism. In response Guy Mosel,... Continue Reading →

Using your powers for good pt 3

Case 3: Cheryl Marie Song, design and print Cheryl Marie Song, 37, runs her own web and print design business in Melbourne. She also volunteers her time and expertise on a regular basis, and has been doing so most of her life. Volunteer work began years ago for Cheryl when, inspired by her older sister’s... Continue Reading →

Using your powers for good pt 2

Originally published at gapajobmagazine.com Case 2: Michael Beasley, Graphic Designer Michael began his studies at Swinburne University, where he studied Communication Design. But two years of study changed his perspective on the mainstream industry and he decided he wanted no part of it. “I...was expecting to be taking on projects from a range of companies, groups... Continue Reading →

Using your powers for good pt 1

Originally published at gapajobmagazine.com Working hard to complete your education is a great thing. If you're anything like me you frequently lapse into 'dream job' fantasies which generally depict you as the best thing to ever happen to your chosen industry (c'mon, I know you do!). But I also lapse into another kind of day... Continue Reading →

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